A Word from the Interim Head of School

My granddaughter, Lillyanna, she’s the one on the left, will be a fourth grader this fall in Jamestown, RI. I often wonder how she might benefit from the Collegiate Experience. Of course, that begs the question, what is it?

This summer we dug deep to uncover the language that best reflects the Collegiate Experience – Intentional curriculum design combined with real-world experiences and authentic relationships prepares students for life.

Your child’s teachers and administrators spend a significant amount of their professional time considering what should be part of your child’s day. From how the day starts, to the number of PE classes a week, to field trips and overnights, to an academic program that meets students where they are and takes them wherever they can go. Co-curricular experiences like the Co-Edge, exploreCollegiate, and Athletics are all part of an intentionally designed program to prepare your child for life.

Real world experiences abound at Collegiate, including Entrepreneurial Education, Zoo Week, Maker Education, International Travel, and other opportunities that promote global citizenship. Service to one another and the greater community are additional pieces of a real-world puzzle.

Ultimately, we believe that the authentic relationships formed by students, teachers, families, and the school make your child’s success possible. These relationships are trusting, purposeful, and collaborative. Every alumni I have ever asked, “What is unique about your Collegiate experience?”, has answered the question “preparation and relationships.”

We will have more to say about the Collegiate Experience as the year moves along and I will continue to wonder what if Lillyana could…

See you soon – can’t wait!