Tuition Assistance FAQs

We estimate an affordable tuition range for each family based on a family’s demonstrated need. A family is likely to pay tuition that falls within that range.
In order to be considered for an award with your child’s enrollment contract, families should complete the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) in School and Student Services (SSS) website and upload all supporting documentation. Current Collegiate families should complete the application process by December 4, 2020. Prospective families should complete their application (PFS) by December 17, 2020, to be considered in first round tuition assistance decisions. Families who have completed the Tuition Assistance application will be notified on their contracts.

The PFS is required to be completed along with the financial documentation uploaded to the SSS website before files are reviewed for a tuition assistance award.

Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to offer Tuition Assistance to every student who qualifies for both admission and reduced tuition. A student may be admitted to the school but waitpool for Tuition Assistance.
Yes, assuming the family still demonstrates financial need. All families who currently pay Indexed Tuition must apply each year. Collegiate attempts to keep a family’s tuition at a similar level each year as long as no major changes have occurred in a family’s financial situation during the previous year.
Families are welcome to apply. However, there is no guarantee that a family will pay reduced tuition in subsequent years. In most situations, Collegiate makes every effort to respond to a family’s financial need, but the decision is based on the availability of funds and class space.
Collegiate requires that all custodial parents complete the Tuition Assistance application process.
A family’s financial need does not affect a student’s acceptance by the school. Tuition Assistance is determined separately.
For families who complete their admission and Tuition Assistance application by the first round deadlines, Tuition Assistance will be listed on enrollment contracts sent in February. Responses to families will fall into three categories: an offer of Tuition Assistance; notification that the family does not qualify for Tuition Assistance; or notice that the family is placed in a wait pool for Tuition Assistance. A wait pooled decision means that a family will be considered for Tuition Assistance if funding and class space become available.
At the bottom of the PFS application, there is a place for families to explain any unusual circumstances.
Collegiate offers need-based tuition assistance and academic merit-based scholarships for ninth-grade students.
If you have questions related to Collegiate’s Tuition Assistance, please contact Austin Anderton at or 502.479.0377. If you are having technical difficulties uploading information or completing the SSS Personal Financial Statement, please reach out to SSS customer service at 800.344.8328.

If your family has unusual financial circumstances that are not captured in your SSS application or tax return, please include comments in your SSS Personal Financial Statement.