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2022 Alumni Award Winners and Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee


Congratulations to the 2022 Alumni Association Award winners and Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee. A special thank you to everyone who attended the Alumni Association Awards on Friday, September 16. Please click HERE to learn more about our winners (pictured below l-r).

Carita Ackerly Warner ’48


Megan Hoskins ’94


Lizzie Doll ’03


Eleanor Martin ’03


Barbara Buddeke Ogden

Each year, the Louisville Collegiate School Alumni Association presents awards to honor members of the Collegiate community for outstanding achievement. In this way, we strive to recognize role models who embody the ideals of the school, increase pride in the school, and encourage continued alumni interest and engagement with the school.


We are now accepting nominations for these awards, which are due on Friday, April 11, and are welcome from alumni and members of the general public.


The Distinguished Alumni Award is given to honor a graduate or associate of Collegiate for outstanding achievement. The nominee may have displayed extraordinary leadership and organizational ability, contributed to the advancement of others and the improvement of his or her community, gained prominence in his or her chosen profession and community, or exhibited vision, skill, and commitment to making things happen.


The Collegiate Service Award is presented to an individual—not necessarily an alumna/us—who through the years has made a significant contribution to the Collegiate community. This award is intended to honor those who have provided meaningful service to Collegiate.


The Athletic Hall of Fame is to honor and perpetuate the memory of those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to Collegiate athletics and who have brought recognition, honors, distinctions, and excellence to its interscholastic athletic program. The Hall of Fame recipients are honored in display in Alumni Hall to inspire current and future Collegiate athletes.


The Young Alumni Achievement Award is presented to an individual who has graduated in the last twenty years who exemplifies the Collegiate traits: character, confidence, imagination, and excellence through community service or in his or her profession.


The Faculty & Staff Legacy Award is given to a faculty or staff member whose inspired efforts to serve the school have made an extraordinary impact on the community. Length of service is a consideration in the selection but is not the determining factor.


Please complete the form below to nominate an individual for an Alumni Association Award. Click HERE for a complete list of past Alumni Association Award Winners and Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees.


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Awards & Accolades


2022 Alumni Awards