Alumni Career Services

The Collegiate Alumni Career Center is a new resource to assist alumni in their professional pursuits and achieve career success. The central aim of the Center is to continue supporting our alumni’s interests, passions, and professional aspirations throughout their lives. Additionally, the Center will work tirelessly to bring together our broad network of Amazons and Titans to facility opportunity for all.

Job Board/Connect

As we work to build up and out this program, we have been connecting with local companies to explore opportunities. Many local companies who have already shown interest in our program and have agreed to donate time, effort, and expertise. As Louisville continues to grow and attract professionals from all around the world, we are working to make sure our Collegiate graduates have an upper hand. Anthem, Brown-Forman, Deloitte, GE Appliances, Humana, Hilliard-Lyons, LG&E, Mercer, Papa Johns and Yum Brands! are some of the companies that have internship programs and entry-level programs with whom we are already in contact. We will post opportunities for internships and full-time positions here on this job board. Please check it regularly for updates. If you are interested in posting an opportunity, please reach out to Kyle Manning or Jim McGuire.

Internship Success Stories

Here are a few examples of the great internships our alumni had this past summer. Currently, we are helping college-age alumni find opportunities for the Summer of 2019. If you are looking for an internship or your current employer is in need of help, please reach out to Kyle Manning.

Alex Grove ’16, Centre College had this to say about his summer experience. “For almost my whole life, I’ve always thought that I would become a lawyer, and I’ve been very lucky in the fact that I’ve had experiences working at law firms and government positions. Mentors like Tyler Thompson and Angela Leet have truly helped me along the way.

This past summer, I was able to expand my horizons into the business world and gain new mentors at Molto Properties, a Chicago based industrial real estate development firm. I got to work on creating a new website and various marketing materials, attend important investment committee meetings, and assisted with the transition to a new property management company. Furthermore, it helped me realize that a law degree can equate to more than a desk job and that many skills important in the law can translate well in the real estate business, such as contract work and personal relationships. My internship was an unparalleled experience, and I can’t thank Mike Powers and the people at Molto more for the experience I gained.”


This past summer, Will Hunter ’17, Georgia Institute of Technology, completed a research fellowship with Dr. Albert Cunningham at the University of Louisville in the Brown Cancer Center. He developed various programs to help with the reading and summarizing of large amounts of data relating to the biological activity of different chemicals. The research focused on attempting to find specific chemical fragments and patterns of fragments that would cause a chemical to become biologically active or inactive. He wrote programs in Java to read large data files provided by Dr. Cunningham. For a given set of chemicals, these programs would analyze all the fragments in each chemical and make a prediction about the biological activity of that chemical. Then, it would output each of these predictions to a new file in a human-readable summary format as well as analyze its own accuracy to see how well it was working. The goal was to try to make as many and as accurate predictions as possible so that theoretically, one could test if newly discovered chemicals could be harmful to humans or animals very quickly and inexpensively to a certain degree of accuracy and/or determine if a certain chemical fragment could prevent a chemical from causing some kind of biological activity.


Pamela Toscano ’15, Tuffs University, interned at the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs in the Office of International Visitors. The Office of International Visitors is responsible for administering the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), the State Department’s professional exchange program. Pamela stated, “As the Community Relations intern, I learned about the important roles national programming agencies (NPAs) and community-based members (CBMs) play in implementing the IVLP program.

Throughout the summer, I have been in constant communication with the entire CBM network to ensure that they are all receiving Exchanges Impact Evaluations from the International Visitors. Through my internship with the Department of State, I have also expanded my network to include the program coordinators and program officers of different NPAs in an effort to learn more about a career in international education. After my internship experience and undergraduate career at Tufts, I plan on pursuing a career in higher education, and after connecting with the International Visitors, and the CBM and NPA staff, I’m more informed on the different career opportunities available in the field of higher education.


Harper White ’15, University of Kentucky, has spent the last eight months serving as an intern in Washington, DC. From January-April, White worked as a legislative assistant with UPS Public Affairs primarily focusing on multiemployer pension, healthcare, and tax policy. Along with other UPS staff, White met with over 50 Congressional Offices to advocate for specific policy reform and articulate company positions. Additionally, he had the opportunity to staff several fundraisers and PAC events for high profile members of Congress including Joe Crowley (D-NY-14) and former Vice President Dick Cheney.

Following the spring semester in lobbying and government affairs, Harper spent his summer interning for the House Budget Committee under Ranking Member Congressman John Yarmuth (D-KY-3). With the Budget Committee, White gained valuable insights into the legislative process while attending several hearings regarding appropriations, multiemployer pensions and national security. A rising Senior at the University of Kentucky majoring in Political Science and Business Management, White hopes to build upon his successful internships and find a permanent position in DC following graduation.

Get Involved

Interested in getting involved? If you want to share your experience to help advance our alumni’s careers or if you know of job openings for recent grads or experienced professional, we can help you market openings to the Collegiate community and identify potential candidates. Please reach out to Kyle Manning or Jim McGuire for more information.