Carey Faversham Goldstein ‘90

Louisville Collegiate School Presented at First International Forum on Character Education in Chengdu, China.
Prior to Winter Break, Upper School Counselor, Carey Faversham Goldstein ‘90, traveled to Louisville’s sister city of Chengdu, China, to speak before approximately eight hundred educators about the values of character education and social-emotional learning. Describing specific elements like the honor code and advisory programs and discussing the inclusion of character both in Collegiate’s academic curriculum and its mission, Ms. Goldstein was able to share why focusing on the whole child is critical to providing a great education. Louisville Collegiate School was featured as a model institution of how schools can implement programs to foster this aim more deliberately. While Ms. Goldstein was there, she got to see pandas in the wild and visit the 2200-year-old Dūjiāngyàn structures, but she also visited several other schools in Chengdu and served on a discussion panel with three other American teachers at the Longjuanglu Primary School. At the end of her time, Carey received a notable honor from The Department of Science and Technology and was named a senior fellow of character and STEAM education and overseas specialist on science and technology.