COVID Response

Welcome to Louisville Collegiate School’s COVID Response page. Please understand that in this fluid situation, information can and will change rapidly. Given that, please bookmark this page and revisit it periodically for the most up-to-date information.

The purpose of this page is to share what we know, our guiding principles throughout this process, and our decision-making process as new variables and information emerge. The health and well-being of Collegiate’s community of students, faculty, staff, and families remain our highest priority. During the 2020-21 school year, Collegiate currently offers families in-person and remote learning opportunities.

Please click below to review our COVID-19 Dashboard which contains the COVID activity on our campus. Our Decision Tree provides our community members direction for how to handle potential COVID-19 exposure or infection.



Jim McGuire, Associate Head of School
Angela Sartin, School Nurse
Barbara Pino, Healthy at School Officer


We’ve invested in technology, infrastructure, and personnel to minimize the risk of COVID-19 for our community.

 – Technology upgrades – Swivl cameras allow live streaming of classes for families who elect to learn virtually.
 – Renting 4,000 square feet at Gilda’s Club for three additional classroom spaces.
 – Outdoor 8,500 square feet tent where two-thirds of students eat outside.
 – HVAC upgrades – constantly circulating air with fresh air exchange, added filtration systems to classrooms without fresh air.
 – Disinfection – two sanitizing machines and more than doubled our cleaning staff to wipe down surfaces with frequent uses
 – Additional personnel has been added on campus to assist in the classrooms and health center as needed.


Designing for Safety (and Excellence)
Mission Statement

Driven by Mission

Louisville Collegiate School’s mission is to inspire academic excellence, extraordinary character, and global citizenship.

Scenario Planning: Determining the path forward

Guiding Principles

  • Remain sharply focused on whole child education: challenging academics, social-emotional education, and a nurturing, child-centered culture
  • Continue to provide a sense of belonging for all in our community: equal access, inclusion, strong sense of community and connection to one another
  • Honor the diversity of risk tolerances within our community
  • Provide a safe (physical and emotional) environment for students, teachers, staff, & families
  • Regardless of the delivery model throughout the year, work to meet all students’ needs and proactively work to make accommodations when they are needed
  • Prioritize the wellness of our entire community
  • Review the totality of information when making operational decisions, i.e. remote learning or in-person. This includes but is not limited to the CDC, Kentucky Department of Public Health, Kentucky Department of Education, Louisville Metro Health and Wellness Department, and recommendations from the Governor’s Office.


Health Planning
Our Framework

Our Framework

We will organize around the following framework to keep our community healthy.


  • Education about the virus and how to stay healthy
  • Program adjustments to maximize individual and community wellness
  • Physical and social adjustments to minimize the risk of exposure


  • Monitoring regional and local outbreaks to understand community risk
  • Ensuring individuals coming to campus are of low risk of spreading illness
  • Tracking individual cases and trending illnesses within our community


  • Communicating with local health authorities and internal community
  • Adjusting operational modes
  • Increasing/accelerating cleaning and disinfecting protocols
Physical Campus
  • Implementation of capacity limits to allow for social distancing throughout campus.
  • Modification of programs and events in compliance with limits on crowd sizes and social distancing measures.
  • Masks are mandatory at all times on campus.
  • Sanitizing and cleaning protocols.
  • Changes to campus access for visitors and parents.
  • Modification of lunch service to comply with hygiene and social distancing guidelines.
  • Continued use of virtual platforms in conjunction with in-person services to minimize in-person contact and optimize student safety for areas of academic instruction, student activities, and other meeting opportunities.
When to Stay Home Decision Tree (9/2/20)

When To Stay Home From School
(No Known Exposure) - page 1 (click image below)
Responding To Known Exposure - page 2 (click image below)

Travel Advisory

We expect every community member to follow the current travel advisory from the Kentucky Dept. of Public Health. If you travel to an area that is on the advisory, you will need to self-quarantine. For a self-quarantine, you have two options. A ten-day quarantine that does not require testing and assumes no symptoms emerge during that time or a seven-day quarantine that requires a negative antigen or PCR test after day 5 of returning to the state.

Please note, Louisville Collegiate School will adjust this policy as additional guidance is released from the Governor’s office.

Health Screenings & Temperature Checks

All employees and students will be required to perform an at-home wellness screening with a temperature check before arrival on campus each day.  Division heads will share additional information during an upcoming Division Town Hall or EBlast.

Mask Policy

Based on guidance from the Kentucky Department of Education, Kentucky Department of Public Health, the Governor’s office, and the CDC, masks will be mandatory for full participation in Collegiate life (KG-12). The following are expectations and guidelines for mask usage on Collegiate’s campus. 

  • At a minimum, a cloth mask with two or more layers must be worn at all times while in buildings. Those who choose to wear a procedural mask are welcome to do so (anyone also may wear a face shield and mask). Employees who would like to wear an N95, KN95 or other respirators also may do so, if the School determines that such respirator use will not in itself create a hazard. In that case, the School will provide such employee with a document titled "Information for Employees Using Respirators When Not Required Under the Standard."
  • Masks must be worn so that the mouth and nose are fully covered. Note, scarfs, gaiters, and bandanas are not permissible for use. Collegiate will make reasonable accommodations for individuals who due to a mental or physical disability cannot wear at least a cloth face-covering required by this policy, so long as such reasonable accommodation does not create a direct threat to the health and safety of others. Student mask exemption requests must be submitted to the appropriate division head. Employee mask exemption requests must be submitted to the CFO. Collegiate and the employee will then engage in the interactive process to determine if a reasonable accommodation that would not create a direct threat to others is available.
  • Students will be permitted mask breaks throughout the day per faculty, staff, and/or administrator approval and direction. Those breaks will occur outside, and when safe physical distancing can be maintained. Additionally, students will be allowed to remove masks during lunch.
  • Collegiate will provide, at no cost, one Collegiate branded mask to every student.
  • Please watch this video with your student: WHO Guidance: How to wear a fabric mask safely
COVID-19 Communications

The Louisville Collegiate School (LCS) Health Officer will follow reporting and communication guidelines/requirements by the Kentucky Department of Health when a LCS community member has been exposed or diagnosed with COVID-19. Employees or students that self-report exposure to COVID-19, self-report diagnosis of COVID-19, or present at least one of the following COVID-19 symptoms (cough, fever, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea) will be asked to leave campus immediately. Students will wait in the observation area of the Health Center until a parent arrives. The Health Officer will notify the health department and follow health department guidelines for communicating, cleaning, and disinfecting the areas exposed.

Lunch on Campus

Sage, our dining services provider, is working with us to prepare a healthy and safe lunch service. We will utilize additional dining space outdoors in addition to the Thornton Dining Commons to meet minimum number requirements for social distancing as CDC and state guidance evolves. We will also provide healthy boxed lunch options for in-class dining. Additionally, Sage staff is implementing new protocols for cleaning, serving, supplies, and storage. Our Dining spaces will include partitions for the safe removal of masks while eating.

Wayfinding and Traffic Flow

Signage and floor markings will be utilized throughout the campus to manage traffic flow and direction to support physical distancing practices.

Volunteering and Visitors

In order to minimize risk and maintain a healthy environment for our students and teachers, we will begin the school year by limiting access to campus buildings to students, teachers, and essential personnel. Families are welcome on campus for important meetings, with virtual options available. While we understand that some members of our community will be disappointed, it is important to note that we will not resume on-campus or in-classroom volunteer opportunities right away. If you are scheduled to meet someone on campus, please fill out this Certification of Lack of Exposure document on the day of your appointment prior to entering the building. Thank you!


Teaching and learning
Expectations for Remote Learning Environments

Virtual Norms

Digital Platforms

Investments in the following digital platforms allow Collegiate to operate more effectively and efficiently. The use of these new technologies will enhance remote learning for 2020-21.


Student life
Athletics 12/7/2020

Athletics in the 2020-21 school year has and will continue to look different than they have in the past, and we are actively working to ensure that we are ready for these changes and challenges. We will follow all required guidelines from the KHSAA regarding COVID-19 policies. On Thursday, 12/10/20, the KHSAA Board of Control voted to resume the winter athletic season.  Practices and in-person activities were allowed to continue on 12/14/20, and competitions are scheduled to begin the week of 1/4/21. We will communicate our school policies as well as updates from the Kentucky High School Athletic Association ( Please refer to the COVID-19 Health and Safety Policy for Athletics, and continue to follow school communications for updates. Go Amazons and Titans!

Fine and Performing Arts

Whether in a COVID world or a time when life was simpler, the Arts experience at Collegiate strives to provide a meaningful, affirming, and fun performing and visual arts process for our students while also devising outcomes that allow our students to share the results of their efforts.

As we daily respond to our world, these plans may shift or change. Whether we move to a live stream, filmed, or website platform, we are dedicated to sharing the unique and wonderful art that our students create.

Visit our website for a complete list of upcoming events.


As we live through the upcoming school year and all of the challenges that a global pandemic may bring to our campus, we remain committed to teaching, living, and learning Respect, Responsibility, Honor, and Compassion. Simply stated, these words, our Cornerstones, are the foundation on which our community and culture is built. That will not change regardless of what this upcoming year brings our way.


Financial Considerations and Support
School Finances

We entered this crisis from a strong financial position. As part of our five-year strategic planning process, we developed long-range financial planning models that give us the necessary flexibility to respond to our current situation.

However, like most small businesses, the school has experienced unanticipated financial impact resulting from Covid-19, particularly as it relates to the loss in ancillary (non-tuition) and Annual Fund income that directly supports the academic program and general operating expenses. 

We also anticipate increased costs this summer and over the next fiscal year as we prepare the campus for a safe opening. 

Tuition and Fees

As we evaluate our budget for the end of this year and into next year, we have seen the majority of our operational savings consumed by the unanticipated costs of the crisis. However, considering cost savings realized by suspending our dining service, the school has passed along the savings to families for the 2019-2020 school year. Future credits will be considered during the 2020-2021 fiscal year should we experience another prolonged period of distance learning.

Supporting Families in Need

We recognize the recent state stay-at-home guidelines and subsequent economic shutdown has impacted the finances of many families. Collegiate wishes to be as responsive and flexible as possible during this uncertain time.

Families wishing to discuss the need for a more flexible payment plan or potential emergency tuition assistance should reach out to our Director of Admissions, Austin Anderton.