Lower School

The goal of Lower School music is to inspire children to become confident, life-long musicians and creative problem solvers. Children in Lower School use their entire brains in music classes as they build musicianship through singing, playing instruments, speech, and movement. Performing opportunities in concerts, choirs and plays teach sensitivity to the total group and awareness of the role of each individual within it.

Middle School

The middle school instrumental music program consists of progressive courses that help shape students’ love of learning a string instrument. Students learn to demonstrate proper technique in order to produce a beautiful tone. Students learn how to read music, subdivide rhythm and incorporate theoretical concepts as they relate to the instruments. Students will all have an opportunity to perform at the end of every quarter or semester.

Upper School

The Upper School instrumental program consists of Strings Ensemble, Contemporary Music Ensemble and independent studies. The Strings program is designed for students that have previous experience on their instruments. Students have the opportunity to play in a string orchestra, where music is geared toward enthusiastic musicians. The Contemporary Music Ensemble is a performance-based group that enjoys covering pop, rock and other genres of music. The Strings Ensemble and Contemporary Music Ensemble often collaborate for performances throughout the year.