Virtual Art Show

Lower School
We are excited to share with you the Lower School Virtual Visual Art Gallery. This showing is a celebration of the unique, imaginative, and affirming work accomplished during our final quarter of 2020. Teaching Artists who work with these Lower School students have created an environment where the students embrace and explore foundations in design and execution while fostering imagination and expression. We hope you enjoy your journey through our virtual gallery and the whimsical and inspiring work of our Lower School Visual Artists.

Middle School
Welcome to the Middle School Virtual Visual Art Gallery! This showing is a celebration of the personal, accomplished, and thoughtful work rendered by our Middle School Visual Artists during our final quarter of 2020. Building upon the foundations in design and execution learned in Lower School, our Middle School Teaching Artists seek to increase students’ design capacity while helping the student take more ownership of their artistic process and outcomes. So, join us as we celebrate the unique, intentional, and creative work of our Middle School Visual Artists.

Upper School
It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the Upper School Virtual Visual Art Gallery! This showing shines a light on the beautiful, compelling, and individualized work of our Upper School Visual Artists. Each student’s work shows how they have forged a personal path as an artist, storyteller, and interpreter of our culture. While this work is a reflection of their craft, it is also a reflection of their heart and their voice. Guided by Teaching Artists who are imminently dedicated to fostering independent thinkers and the creative process, we invite you to celebrate the talent and gifts of our Upper School Visual Artists.

Senior Showcase
Please enjoy the culminating work of our Seniors, who are either 3rd year or 4th-year art students. The work presented showcases a timeline of the development of their voice from early pieces in their high school career to today. These students would have had partnered or group exhibitions in the Najjar Art Gallery this spring. During this pandemic, we wanted to honor and highlight the intense commitment to their craft and expression, by separating their work from the rest of the Upper School Showcase. We have asked them to make a brief artist statement to accompany the visuals, as they would have in their culminating shows. Enjoy!


Energize your day by listening to two tunes performed and engineered by our Middle School Rock Band students. Don’t be shy! Get up and move to these classic songs rendered by our talented and creative Rock Band stars.