Athletic Programs

Just like our academic programs at Collegiate, our athletic curriculum is vertically aligned and builds on skills from year-to-year. Introductions to sports are made in Lower and Middle School Physical Education classes throughout the year so students can try out different sports and find out which activities they enjoy. Students learn fundamental skills and rules to prepare them moving forward. Learn more about our sports program by visiting the links below.

Kindergarten through fourth grade athletics are the first steps student-athletes take to become Amazons and Titans. The focus of these programs is to introduce and develop skills necessary to participate on an interscholastic team in the fifth through eighth grade athletic program. Meeting once per week for fun, friends and fundamental skill development for our K-4 athletes, sessions are taught in an atmosphere full of fun, excitement and energy allowing all student-athletes to work with friends and make new ones while learning and improving their skill base.

K-4 athletic clubs will participate in healthy intra-squad competitions to enhance cooperation, teamwork and the enjoyment of physical activity. These future Collegiate Varsity team members will receive sport specific instruction in coed groups during the week leaving weekends open. Some of the after school sports include Cross Country, Soccer, Field Hockey, Basketball, Track, and Lacrosse. Each after school sports group is part of exploreCollegiate programming so each session will last an hour from 3:30 – 4:30 p.m. once or twice each week.

A full list of exploreCollegiate athletic programs can be found here

The 5-8 athletics program expands on the foundation of skills established in grades K-4 by adding both tactical and strategic instruction. The 5-8 program also adds the team selection process whereby players are placed in developmentally appropriate teams for interscholastic competition.

5-8 teams compete against area schools during the week and on weekends and practice three or four days a week. 5-8 offerings are both single-sex or coed depending on the offering.

Cross Country (5-8)
Field Hockey (5-8)
Golf (6-8)
Soccer (5-8)
Archery (6-8)
Basketball (5-8)
*Crew (6-8)
Swimming (5-8)
*Crew (6-8)
Lacrosse (5-8)
Tennis (5-8)
Track (5-8)
*Crew (6-8) is a varsity sport which allows Middle School participation and thus will require a larger time commitment.

The Upper School athletics program is the culminating point of our athletic offerings. Most students have developed basic skills in their respective sports and Upper School athletics become much more competitive. Depending on the number of participants, some sports have Junior Varsity programs for those students not quite ready for the competitive Varsity program. Team placements occur at the beginning of the season as coaches help determine placement for an individual student athlete.

Our Upper School athletic teams compete against area schools during the week and on weekends and they practice four or five times per week. Therefore, the time commitment to participate in Upper School athletics is much greater. Both single-sex and coed sports are offered depending on the sport.

Cross Country
Field Hockey
Indoor Track