Global Online Academy

As the only GOA member school in the state of Kentucky, Global Online Academy connects you to a global network of people and resources. Students and teachers come from more than seventy of the best independent schools around the world. Just by taking a GOA class, you will meet and collaborate with people you might never otherwise know.


Global Online Academy is a not-for-profit consortium of 70+ independent schools from around the world. Started by a group of independent schools looking to bring the benefits of online learning to their teachers and students, Global Online Academy prepares students for a global future by providing new, modern ways for students to learn and teachers to teach. The schools that are members of Global Online Academy are well known for the strengths of their curricula and the excellence of their teaching. Collegiate faculty participate in teaching GOA courses.

At Louisville Collegiate School, students take Global Online Academy (GOA) courses for credit and the course is reflected in the student’s schedule and transcript. GOA allows schools to expand what they offer and help students test their passions in ways typically unavailable on a single campus. The courses are interactive, instructional, and experiential. All GOA courses have asynchronous components (students participate each day on their own schedule) and synchronous components (when students collaborate together or work with their teacher, generally using video conferencing software).

Global Online Academy Courses

GOA Courses Offered at Louisville Collegiate School 2019-20