Middle School Curriculum

Core Courses for Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grade


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Middle School Curriculum

The middle school experience at Collegiate begins in 6th grade. The transition from lower school includes an increased number of students in the entire grade, a block schedule, increased freedom and responsibility to navigate the campus between classes, and myriad choices of clubs and activities. Accompanying these new opportunities is the guidance and watchful eyes of the 6th grade team of teachers and a robust advisory program.

In the 7th grade there is an increased emphasis on a deeper analysis across the academic subjects. The curriculum focuses outward and engages students to understand how the world and universe works. Continued exploration of interests and opportunities along with more leadership roles in athletics, academics, and the arts allow for students to explore a wide variety of subject areas.

8th grade finds students with increased choices and opportunities in the areas of Fine Arts and World Languages. Year of reflection – summing up your entire academic career before you head to upper school.