Health Support Services

Health and Wellness Support Services Offered:

• Cuts and Minor Emergencies: Whether it’s a scraped knee or a head to head collision on the playground, the School Nurse is ready to respond and care for all children
• Medication Administration: Over the counter medication and prescription medication are safely administered by the School Nurse per parent directive and doctor’s prescription
• Student Medical Plans: Students with severe allergies or other major medical conditions will be supported with a medical plan managed by the School Nurse which is communicated to the teachers and student support team. Educational support with confirmation of care competency is provided by the School Nurse to faculty responsible for these students during off-campus trips
• Illness: Whether it’s lice, nausea or a fever, students are assured comfort and care in the privacy of the nurse’s office which is equipped with a recovery couch, over-the-counter medicine and medical supplies


Meet our School Nurse

Angela Sartin

Angela Sartin is a Registered Nurse with a career spanning over twenty years. She earned her nursing degree from the University of Kentucky where she was a two-time recipient of the March of Dimes Scholarship for Academic Excellence in Nursing. After a successful internship with Easter Seals/Cardinal Hill, Angela served as the Camp Nurse at Easter Seal Camp KYSOC. While she was caring for children with multiple physical and developmental challenges in the adaptive recreational setting, Angela’s love for pediatric nursing began as she researched children’s health issues pertaining to developmental differences. When Easter Seals/Cardinal Hill opened their East End Louisville facility, Angela worked with the University of Louisville Neurology as they implemented the area’s first single day, multidisciplinary ALS clinic. Prior to coming to Louisville Collegiate School in 2004, Nurse Sartin worked as the Head Nurse at Camp Walden in the Adirondacks and taught clinicals for nursing students at Spencerian College.