Distinctive Programs



Collegiate’s Upper School Advisory Program is a mission-based program that provides each student with a faculty advisor who serves as the student’s primary advocate and mentor regarding academic and social growth and development.


Senior students spend a full week exploring a topic of personal interest while topic parameters are purposely flexible and projects are largely limited only by a student’s own initiative and imagination.

Senior Speech

During a student’s senior year, he/she will deliver a formal senior speech to the entire Upper School student body and faculty.

Center for Entrepreneurship, Engineering & Design

The Areva CEED is an innovative space that houses the Design Studio and the school’s prototyping lab, The Makery. Students utilize the studio and lab spaces to program, design, invent startups, partner with businesses, tinker, and problem solve.

Global Online Academy

Students take Global Online Academy (GOA) courses for credit at Louisville Collegiate School and the course is reflected in the student’s schedule and transcript. GOA allows schools to expand what they offer and help students test their passions in ways typically unavailable on a single campus.

The Guild

The Guild is an independent research opportunity that provides a unique experience to students that want to explore and research a subject in depth.

This I Believe Speech

Inspired by the This I Believe, a NPR radio program, ninth grade students write a statement about their personal beliefs, develop them through writing workshops, and deliver them in a public forum to their classmates, families, and teachers.

Freshman Retreat

The freshmen retreat is a fun day off campus for students to come together as a class with their advisors to learn more about Collegiate’s Upper School, the Honor Code, and many clubs, activities, and academic teams.

Pearl Project

Pearl Project is a bi-annual event where all the girls in the upper school are invited to spend a night bonding, engaging in activities, and discussing common issues. Pearl Project intends to create a cohesive and close environment for all girls in order to provide support for all.


Students partner with a local business, non-profit, or university to participate in an internship experience in our community.