May Term

The May Term is a program dedicated to intensive experiential learning, global citizenship, and innovative academics.

After several years of research and review by faculty, department chairs, the Dean of Faculty, the Head of School, and the Academic Affairs Committee, May Term will launch in May of 2020!  The program is rooted in our mission and will provide a student-centered, cross-curricular intensive experience that will be led by our Upper School faculty.  Erin Staley has been named the May Term Coordinator. May Term is for students in grades 9-11.

The following 12 courses will be offered for the inaugural May Term: Ghostbusters (Haunted KY), Chicago Chinatown, Philosophy & Zoology, Flash Mob, Ethics of Food, Photo Louisville A-Z, Appalachian Issues, Urban Immersion, Film Studies, En Plein Air, Metal Arts, and Impact of KY’s Thoroughbred Industry.  

May Term will take place after the Upper School has completed their final exams: May 20 – May 28 (half-day). Classes meet as normal from 8:00AM to 3:00PM but some will require an overnight or a trip to another city.  Those opportunities will be included in the information given to students when signing up.

Courses will use Collegiate as “homebase.” However, many of the classes will involve field trips off-campus to gain a true experience.  For example, when learning about the horse industry, students will visit a farm, see stables, and visit Churchill Downs. Some courses will go off campus for an extended period, requiring an overnight outside of Louisville.

Students will not be expected to pay for any part of the course.