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Included in tuition is a one-week Beyond the Classroom experience for students to travel or engage in local and national experiences. This unique Upper School Interim experience gives our students experiential immersion opportunities beyond the classroom.

An extension of Collegiate’s biology curriculum, Freshmen travel to the Dauphin Island Sea Lab on Alabama’s gulf coast where they experience a week of marine biology study and class bonding. Access to beaches and coastal wetlands provides students with the ideal location for a hands-on study of marine biology and dynamic laboratory experiences on the Gulf Coast.
Sophomore students engage in a week of local responsiveness by taking part in volunteer service with local non-profit organizations of their choice. They experience the challenges facing the city of Louisville and the surrounding communities and the organizations that support them.
The goal of the Junior trip is to provide students with unique perspectives of cultures, environments and opportunities found in cities in the United States that will enable students to develop a sense of responsibility, citizenship and appreciation for a different and dynamic setting. Students visit local attractions, universities and take part in a community service opportunity. The 2017 Junior class interim trip took place in New Orleans, LA and the 2018 Junior class interim trip will take place in Atlanta, GA.
Collegiate’s Senior Capstone Project provides Senior students with an opportunity to engage and explore a topic of personal interest. Project topic parameters are purposely flexible and projects are largely limited only by a student’s own initiative and imagination. Projects vary from original works of art such as paintings and music albums, time spent in silent meditation in a religious retreat, hiking the Appalachian Trail, the construction and programming of a robot, to the creation of a glass toaster.


Graduation Requirements

  • 4 Credits of English
  • 3 Credits of Math
  • 3 Credits of History
  • 3 Credits of Science
  • 2-3 Credits of World Language
  • 2 Credits of Fine Arts
  • 1 Credit of Character Education
  • 1 Credit of Physical Education
  • 2 Credits of Electives
  • 2.5 Credits of the Co-Edge
  • Community Service
  • 1 Senior Speech
  • 1 Senior Capstone