Upper School Schedule

Guided by Best Practices for Learning and Created from Science Research on the Teenage Brain

Longer class periods allow students to practice and develop skills and strive to understand and analyze material on a deeper level. Extended class periods provide teachers with the flexibility to plan and design a range of learning experiences. And, the balance of the daily schedule provides students time to conference with teachers individually and in small groups on papers, labs and projects and advance community initiatives and dialogues with their peers. The goal is to support meaningful academic engagement, inquiry-based and experiential learning and a more balanced and healthy school experience.

Upper School Schedule

Student Sample Schedule


Teachers continue to use homework assignments for the same purposes for which they have always been currently assigned: to add to existing knowledge, to practice skills and to apply knowledge. Students are encouraged to start their homework the night it is assigned so they can use the following school day to get help with anything that might be unclear to them. With fewer classes offered in one day, homework should be more meaningful as students focus on fewer subjects per night.

The Common Work Period (CWP) is designed to provide students with the opportunity to do academic work independently, with their classmates or with their teachers. A daily CWP is offered for Grades 9-12, and an extended CWP is offered once every four days for Grades 10-12 students. Teachers are available during the CWP time to assist students with homework help or provide tutorial assistance, and it is our goal that efficient use of unstructured time will develop independent and autonomous learners. Students will be able to choose among a variety of activities including but not limited to: conducting research in the library, collaborating with other students on class projects, reviewing with teachers for upcoming assessments, working independently on assignments and getting extra help.
Students have time available during the academic day to see their teachers for any work missed because of absence. Teachers also have set office hours designated specifically for working with students.
Louisville Collegiate School has a rich professional development platform designed to help teachers maximize the full potential of longer teaching periods. Visiting consultants, school visits, departmental pedagogical and methodological planning are all part of this process.