Remote Learning

Collegiate offers a remote learning program centered around continuing our tradition of providing an exceptional educational experience to our students. In the virtual classroom, we use collaborative tools like breakout rooms to encourage practice and discussion, digital whiteboards for interactivity, and screen sharing for teaching others.

Blue/Gold + Green

Students meet with advisors and/or homeroom teachers daily to ensure the needs for both social and emotional health are met. Our advisors and homeroom teachers create spaces where every student can be seen and heard each day. Students follow a block schedule of Blue/Gold day rotation with the addition of a Green Day.

Green Days are specifically designed to provide various webinars that range between 50 to 90 minutes of instructional time. These unique lessons are meant to be thought-provoking. Thus, a student can choose to be engaged in courageous conversations, participate in experiential learning, or engage in virtual enrichment encounters. All options will not only be developmentally appropriate but also inspired by student interest.

Collegiate’s virtual model provides Middle and Upper School students time to participate in clubs and activities. During these dedicated times, our students can continue to practice, explore, perform, and compete in whatever pursuit drives and nurtures their passions.

Lower School

Teachers begin each day with a morning meeting. This brings the classes together and is a great way to start the day! Below, Mr. Singer, kindergarten teacher, starts the day with a song! After morning meeting, students continue their learning with a combination of Zoom calls, interactive play, and teacher/student engagement.