Thank you, Dr. Calleroz White

Dear Dr. Calleroz White,

In the foreword of the Centennial Book, you stated, Love has been an essential part of the Collegiate ethos since Mr. and Mrs. Speed opened the doors in 1915. Berea College professor and renowned author Bell Hooks [a relative of yours] wrote, “Love in the classroom prepares teachers and students to open our minds and hearts. It is the foundation on which every learning community can be created … Love will always challenge and change us. This is the heart of the matter.”

You taught us about love, thank you for sharing yours with us. You have been “the heart of the matter” for five years.

You taught us that family should come first and it can, thank you for sharing yours with us.

You taught us that there really is a lot expected from those to whom much is given, we appreciate all that you have given us.

You taught us what “a smile that lights up a room” really means.

You taught us the value of hard work… thanks for the new buildings that have transformed our teaching and learning.

We will miss you and we wish you and your family the very best in Atlanta!