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Middle School Students Attend KUNA

March 18, 2024

Last week, our Middle School students attended KUNA (Kentucky United Nations Assembly). The students shined at the conference and embodied our four cornerstones of compassion, honor, respect, and responsibility. The entire delegation won the Oustanding Statesmanship Award! This award is given to the delegation recognized by their peers as having the highest overall contribution to debate!


Here are some of our achievements: 


Five groups presented resolutions at KUNA. Amelia Hunter ’30, Frances Bumpas ’30, Mia Joseph ’30, and Sam Mattingly ’30 represented Venezuela and presented a resolution on prison reform. Cara Yao ’30, Ben Schissler ’30, Marin Rooprai ’30, and Paige Rechter ’30 represented Peru and presented a resolution on safer working conditions. Zoe Flodder ’30, Abigail Veliquette ’30, Arlo Harvey ’30, Aaron Clayton-Shaw ’30, and Elizabeth Dietz ’30 represented Ecuador and presented a resolution limiting drug trade between countries. Alina Zheng ’28, Lydia Rairick ’28, Helen Higdon ’28, and Catie Mayo ’28 represented Colombia and presented a resolution on gender-based violence. Chloe Schaefer ’29, Cora Rust ’29Lily Malowitz ’29, Beatrice Merrill ’29, and Annie Martin ’29 represented Honduras. Their resolution on domestic violence support centers won the Delegate’s Choice award, passed in committee, and was the Highest Ranked resolution! 
Our 7th and 8th graders participated in a variety of leadership positions. Sophia Lee ’28, Sadler Ishmael ’28, Abigail Pope ’28, Porter Sattich ’28, Calissa Yao ’29, and Evie Ewen ’29 served as Security Council members. They represented the countries of Guyana and Slovenia. LJ Nelson ’28, Malak Alsorougi ’28, and Lilla Holland ’28 led our committee meetings as chairs and clerks. Kayla Holzer ’29 ran a campaign for Secretary-General. Delegates from the conference elected her to lead our conference next year! 
Our school also received five outstanding awards. Owsley Holland ’28, Abigail Veliquette ’30, Alina Zheng ’28, and Kayla Holzer ’29 won Outstanding Speaker. Chole Schaefer ’29 won Outstanding Delegate!    
We are so proud of our students!

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