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Collegiate graduates join a network of more than 2,000 alumni across the globe. Authors, brewmeisters, chefs, doctors, fashion designers, Fortune 500 executives, filmmakers, painters displayed in the Smithsonian Museum, relationship App creators, world travelers – our alumni are proof the Collegiate education inspires academic excellence, extraordinary character, and global citizenship. We invite you to reconnect with your classmates, find new connections, and enrich the Collegiate experience for future alumni.


There are so many ways to stay involved – by becoming a Class Ambassador, attending reunions and networking events, mentoring a Collegiate senior for his or her Senior Capstone, joining the alumni board or volunteering for a reunion committee, your support and connection make the difference and make Collegiate stand above the rest.




Megan Hoskins ’94


Mark Bowling ’03
Vice President


Louisa Rietze Lewandowski ’90


Nora FitzGerald Meldrum ’92


Katherine Soskins Abbott ’90
Sarah Davis ’98
Austin Thompson Anderton ’97
Dana Lucas Collins ’85
Erin Eggers Fidler ’96
Adrienne Gallus ’13
Carey Faversham Goldstein ’90
Collis Hancock Hillebrand ’04
Malcolm Walton Kelly ’48
Diane O’Callaghan Kirven ’76
Ryan Nazar ’03
Will Rawley ’03
Mary Winston Richardson ’12
Angela Singla ’89
Kate Vogt Talamini ’67
Katherine Edelen Tichenor ’56
Laurie Camp Vieth ’76