Collegiate Terms & Traditions

Collegiate is home to a series of unique traditions that define not only the school’s spirit but the school community as a whole. Holiday programs, fall festivals, honor code, Kindergarten Derby, senior speeches, and individualized senior citations at graduation are examples of traditions that set Collegiate apart from area schools.


Below is a list of these traditions along with explanations as to how these traditions have shaped the history of Collegiate.




Each Middle and Upper School student is assigned a faculty advisor who will serve as that student’s guide, mentor, and advocate during the school year.


Annual Fund Campaign
The Annual Fund Campaign provides the additional funds needed to fulfill the annual operating budget. Tuition covers approximately 88% of the budget, and the Annual Fund fills the gap. The operating budget includes faculty and staff salaries, arts programs, athletics, co-curricular activities and programs, professional development opportunities, and building maintenance and upkeep. Parents are encouraged to assist in the Annual Fund Campaign.


Back-to-School Night
Held for each division at the beginning of the school year, parents meet their children’s teachers and hear about the curriculum for the coming school year. Sign-ups for class parties, field trips, and parent-teacher conferences are posted during this event. This is an important school event to attend.


Booster Club
Sponsored by the Parents Association, the role of the Booster Club is to raise money for collegiate athletics, facilitate communication between the athletic department and parents and generate school spirit. All parents are asked to volunteer their time and possibly offer to be a team parent for one of their child’s athletic teams. Activities include concessions, spirit wear, Booster Passes, and Golf Scramble.


Care Coordinator
The care coordinator is a Parents Association volunteer who will organize the response of concern and compassion if a student/faculty or immediate family member experiences a serious illness or traumatic event.


Collegiate Cornerstones
The four Collegiate Cornerstones, RESPECT ♦ HONOR ♦ RESPONSIBILITY ♦ COMPASSION is woven into the mission of the school and is articulated into the curriculum and programming of each division.


Fall Festival
The Fall Festival is organized by the Parents Association and occurs on a Saturday in October. Families and friends have the opportunity to play games, participate in a cakewalk and win prizes.


This is the major fundraising event of the school year and is organized by the Development Office. The Gala typically occurs in February and includes an evening of dinner and drinks and live and silent auctions. Income from this event is used to fund faculty professional development, student financial assistance, and technology.


Glenmary Shop
The Glenmary Shop is run by the Alumni Association and carries school polos, ties, sweatshirts, and spirit wear. The shop is located in the Upper School just outside of Alumni Hall. Items may be purchased in the shop with cash or check or can be charged to your tuition account.


Grandparents Events
The doors of Collegiate are always open to our student’s grandparents and we sincerely hope they will visit often. We host several events throughout the year for our grandparents.


Eighth-Grade Breakfast
This is a breakfast for eighth-graders and their parents held at the end of the school year.


Holiday Program
The Holiday Program, including the tradition of the Alumni leading the school in the singing of Dona Nobis Pacem, is held annually in December. Communication regarding dates can be found on the school calendar as well as in communications from division heads throughout the year.

Honor Code
The Honor Code is one of Collegiate’s most valued traditions. Collegiate’s Honor Code serves to cultivate honesty, fairness, and high esteem for others’ work and property. The Honor Code provides Collegiate students, staff, faculty, and families a treasured community of trust.


Kindergarten Derby
A Collegiate tradition that is over 50 years old and voted as one of the most important traditions by Alumni. This event takes place on the Thursday before Oaks. Kindergarteners decorate hobby horse heads and wear silks decorated by their fifth-grade buddies as they race around the maypole. Seniors who participated in the Kindergarten Derby are recognized, and the Lower School classes participate in a themed parade. The Kentucky Derby Queen and her court attend this event, and there is even Millionaires Row seating which is auctioned off at the annual Collegiate Gala. This is a Collegiate tradition you don’t want to miss.


Kindergarten/Fifth-Grade Buddies
Each Kindergarten student gets paired with a fifth-grader who serves as their “buddy” for the year. Events and opportunities for them to interact throughout the school year are planned.


LISC Dances
Louisville Independent School Council (LISC) comprises the following schools – Collegiate, Walden, KCD, Summit Academy, Meredith Dunn, and Depaul. Three dances are sponsored during the school year between the 6 LISC schools.


ME Project
The ME Project is a rite of passage for eighth graders at Collegiate. It is an opportunity to reflect on the growth that takes place in middle school. It focuses on the self – how one impacts their community and, likewise, is impacted by the world around them. It is a chance for each individual to consider their development and accomplishments both inside and outside the classroom. The ME Project is shared with parents, peers, and teachers in the form of a ten-minute oral presentation. It must include a prepared speech and a visual collage, both of which incorporate the four areas of growth: physical, academic, social, and inner self.


This serves as our online communication system. Each parent has a specific login and password to access their account. All important school communication is posted on this site, including the school calendar and student report cards.


PAC (Parents Association and Counselors)
The Parents Association and Counselors (PAC) co-sponsor PAC events throughout the school year. These PAC events provide parent education to the Collegiate community.


Parents Association
All parents belong to the Parents Association (PA). The goal of the PA is to strengthen the Collegiate community through volunteer and financial assistance of educational and recreational needs of the students, as well as to promote open communication between administrators, teachers, and parents. Parental involvement and support are integral to the mission of Collegiate. Parents are encouraged to volunteer their time and talents, attend PA meetings and functions and contact any PA executive board with questions or concerns.


Senior Speeches
Each senior is expected to write and deliver a “senior speech” before the Upper School faculty and student body. Students will work closely with an Upper School faculty member on composing and refining these speeches.


Senior/First Grade Buddies
One of the most treasured traditions is the pairing of seniors and their first-grade buddies. The buddies are announced at the Convocation Ceremony at the beginning of the school year. The seniors escort their first graders out of the Convocation Ceremony. At the end of the school year, the first graders escort their seniors into the Graduation Ceremony. Throughout the year, there are several school-sponsored events planned for the first graders and their senior buddies.