Lunch Menu

We’re proud to partner with SAGE Dining Services® to offer fresh, delicious meals made from scratch! SAGE Dining Services® has been serving independent schools and colleges since 1990. Click HERE to download a brochure on why lunch matters.


Our SAGE chef, Troy Schuster, and his staff create unique menus with lots of variety, community favorites, and the latest food trends. All dishes SAGE creates are made from scratch in small batches to ensure freshness and flavor and to reduce food waste. SAGE sources fresh, seasonal ingredients from local farmers and suppliers, carefully selecting items that celebrate the many colors, flavors, and textures food has to offer. They use products without GMOs, antibiotics, or hormones and Certified Humane® cage-free shell eggs.


Please click HERE to see our menu and get more information about allergen management, nutrition, sustainability, and culinary trends.