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At Collegiate, we help students build their story, not just tell it. Early, deep, and meaningful engagement with students and families leads to a comprehensive understanding of our students’ strengths and interests. As our focus narrows on the college search, selection, and application process, our students find themselves right where they have always been in our program–at the center. We empower our families with rich resources, excellent advice, and sophisticated, data-driven insight into the world of admissions, demystifying it all for our families. The bottom line is that our approach maximizes options and opportunities for our students.



College Admissions Representatives Visits – Fall 2022


Collegiate is happy to host more than 30 colleges and universities on campus this fall. Students can learn more about colleges from these visits, and colleges can learn more about our amazing school and inspiring students. Click HERE to review the schedule.


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2023 Trivia Night

Collegiate will be hosting a Trivia Night on Saturday, February 25. All proceeds benefit Louisville Collegiate School.

Click here to purchase your raffle tickets! You do not need to be present to win. Open to everyone!