At Louisville Collegiate School, we believe that athletics go hand in hand with our strong academic programming. Its purpose is to contribute and enhance all facets of the student while teaching valuable life skills such as teamwork, hard work, goal setting, commitment, and dedication. It is because of this that we designed and aligned our student-athlete, parent, and coaches Code of Conduct around Collegiate’s Four Character Cornerstones of Respect, Honor, Compassion, and Responsibility that are integrated into the overall framework of the school.


LCS has a no-cut policy to encourage all students to participate in athletics. The athletics program, starting in grade 5, offers student-athletes the opportunity to explore competitive sports in a safe way. Almost 80% of Middle and Upper School students participate in athletics. Over 20% of our recent graduates continue their athletic careers at colleges and universities throughout the country.


LCS is also known for supporting students in exploring new interests, and athletics is an important part of this tradition. Student-athletes are encouraged to not limit themselves to the “one sport” mentality and have the opportunity to play in a variety of sports teams as well as academic clubs and arts programs.



This Saturday is HOMECOMING! Our XC teams are also in action on Saturday with the HS Amazons & Titans at the Trinity/Valkyrie Invite & the MS team at the Capitol View Classic. Best of luck to all of our student-athletes!


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