Lower School


The Lower School is a vibrant learning community where children are encouraged and valued by their teachers. Our dedicated and experienced teachers work collaboratively to design creative project-based instruction that taps their young students’ natural curiosity and meet students where they are academically and socio-emotionally. Learning in the Lower School extends beyond the classroom onto the playground, the neighborhood, as well as the greater community through our service learning projects. Through practicing honor, compassion, responsibility, and respect, our Collegiate Cornerstones, we prepare students to be well-rounded 21st-century leaders.

The Lower School begins with our Junior Kindergarten program, designed to enhance a child’s cognitive, social-emotional and physical development, and culminates in fifth grade where students may choose to take on leadership opportunities as Safety Patrol Guides, Student Ambassadors, and Buddies to our Kindergarteners.

Dr. Tiffany Bridgewater
Head of Lower School

At Collegiate, Every LOWER School Student Will…