Global Citizens Program

Collegiate’s Global Citizens Program is committed to creating global thinkers and leaders, nurturing cultural wisdom, facilitating intercultural collaboration and service, and encouraging deep local and global engagement. Additionally, GCP values the interdependence of our world, global advocacy, language, and multicultural communication, and responsible global citizenship.


Participation in the Global Citizens Program will allow students to:


  1. Develop global advocacy and leadership skills
  2. Strengthen their multicultural understanding
  3. Enhance their World Language proficiency
  4. Actively engage in a self-directed global project with a real-world application
  5. Receive a commendation on their transcript and a GCP certificate upon successful completion of program


The program takes a minimum of 2 years to complete. Click here for more information.


World Affairs Council

Collegiate is collaborating with the World Affairs Council (WAC) to provide the opportunity for students to attend WAC lectures and events and to earn a certificate from the World Affairs Council in addition to their Collegiate Global Citizens endorsement. You can find more information about the World Affairs Council’s Global Citizen Program here.