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Upper School Students Compete at KAAC JV Challenge

November 18, 2021

Congratulations to our JV Academic Team members who earned FIRST PLACE in the Kentucky Association for Academic Competition JV Challenge! This is truly a wonderful accomplishment in a very competitive competition. We are so proud of you.
1st Place Quick Recall (pictured above l-r): Carter Latham ’24, Elizabeth Relish ’25, Teacher Derrick Staton, James Marshall ’25, and Robbie Hymes ’24

Mathematics: 1st place – Carter Latham ’24 (TOP TEN SCORE IN THE STATE); 3rd place – James Marshall ’25; 5th place – Lindsay Reale ’24

Science: 1st place – James Marshall ’24; 4th place – Charlotte Conn ’24

Social Studies: 2nd place – Andrew Ackerman ’24; 3rd place – Charlotte Conn ’24

Language Arts: 2nd place – Clara Hudson ’24

Arts and Humanities: 1st place – Elizabeth Relish ’25; 5th place – Caroline Soergel ’24

Composition: 1st place – Elizabeth Relish ’25; 5th place – Caroline Soergel ’24

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