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We allow students the freedom to explore different subjects and extracurricular activities in a way few schools can match. We expand our student’s worldview and expose them to ideas, people and cultures far beyond the campus. This approach helps students believe anything is possible and gives them the foundation to make that belief a reality.

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Highlights from the Upper School

Collegiate’s Upper School Advisory Program is a mission-based program that provides each student with a faculty advisor who serves as the student’s primary advocate and mentor regarding academic and social growth and development.


Highlights from the Middle School
Rube Goldberg

Have you ever thought, there has to be a more complicated way to do this task? Yes? Then you are on your first step to designing a Rube Goldberg machine! Seventh-grade students will be using their science and engineering practices to design their very own Rube Goldberg machine this year in connection with our physics unit.

Design and the Arts

A unique and collaborative program that provides the student an opportunity to vision, design and execute props and set pieces for performance events.


Highlights from the Lower School
Biography Day

3rd graders participate in a biography project that touches on reading, research skills, and public speaking.


Each year, fifth-grade students participate in Waterstep’s Shoes for Water program. This compassionate program provides hands-on opportunities for fifth-grade students to collect, organize, and deliver shoes while also learning about the economics and the science of clean water.