Strategic Plan

Welcome to Louisville Collegiate School’s Strategic Plan.


The goals, rationale, and vision contained in Collegiate’s five-year Strategic Plan (2017-2022) are a direct result of the work done in the two years leading up to its publication. Faculty, staff, administration, trustees, alumni, and Collegiate families provided input and feedback during the process. The Strategic Plan serves as a compass that will help us maintain our direction and focus on what is essential to achieve our mission. The Board of Trustees and the administration of the school will refer to the Strategic Plan at regular intervals each school year to ensure that our goals are congruent with our outcomes.




Louisville Collegiate School inspires academic excellence, extraordinary character, and global citizenship.



Click HERE to download the Strategic Plan 2017-2022.


strategic plan – Six Pillars


Academic Excellence

To continually improve excellence in faculty, pedagogy, programming, and instructional resources to empower each of our students to succeed in the quickly changing world.



To develop a five-year financial plan designed to stabilize financial capacity over time and allow for long-term growth while maintaining a commitment to our mission.



To develop and expand on our community commitment to character education.



To drive a clear understanding of our unique brand, internally and externally, in order to maximize inquiries and increase affinity among students, faculty, parents, and alumni.



To create a more inclusive community because a diverse community enriches us all.



To strengthen our global citizenship commitment by developing globally aware and competent individuals who can live, work, and engage in an interconnected world.